So here you go, this is where you will get all your most amazing iPhone apps.  I’m the end user of all of my apps.  I don’t believe I can write a program for someone when I don’t understand what it is they want to do.

I’ve got four fantastic apps.  All will be getting great free updates. 

Units is a unit converter for scientists and engineers.  It does high-powered dimensional analysis.

iProtractor is a protractor app that works in both a 3-point and 4-point mode.

Due to high demand, I will continue development of Astronomer.  Be patient: the bugs seem small, but are huge to overcome.

BibleXpress is a separate website, and is my personal Bible program.

For Developers only:

NSData_Base64 Encoding is for getting NSString’s of NSData objects in base 64 encoding suitable for sending through e-mail and URL’s.  Its free.  it also converts the other way.

K-Vector ND - does O(d + k) searching on multi-dimensional databases.  Once it is published in the journal we’ve submitted it to, I will be able to post it here.

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